What Drew Me To Vintage

I have been collecting and selling antique jewellery for 5 years with short breaks in between to raise my children . I am completely self taught and began my collection with silver charms, swiftly moving on to gold charms and then venturing further back into history to start hunting out Victorian pieces and as far back as Georgian.  

I initially looked for vintage charms as a way to fill my charm bracelet, I quickly grew bored of the modern offerings the shops of today present, and so vintage seemed the likely route for me to walk down . My son also has a soft spot for vintage charms and this became a hobby that we enjoyed together - he would especially delight in new and rare pieces ! 

My first vintage charm was a green jelly belly sterling silver frog and I just fell in love. Hes not commonly found ( which makes him even more special ) and I love the emerald green flash of his belly next to my other charms . 

If you've read my blog posts on why I love vintage and me and vintage go way back, you will know that I was already a bit of a vintage fanatic. A lot of my collection has been found over many years, and sourced by myself and various contacts I have made with other like-minded dealers around the world. One of the best things I have gotten out of dealing in vintage and antique jewellery is the relationships and friendships made with other jewel obsessives.​

After rebranding from Charlie's Vintage Charms to Charlie Luxe Vintage in January 2019 I now work alongside a talented freelance artist in Hertfordshire England that helps me to create and come up with different collections for the brand . Together we refreshed the Brand and streamlined the collection, adding in new lines and avenues to explore the magic of vintage . Up until recently Charlie Luxe Vintage has been a solo project and focused entirely on jewellery, but from 2019 onwards I began to stock a select amount of high quality vintage clothes and vintage designer accessories. 

I also blog about vintage, I like to keep it a mix of history lessons, best places to find vintage and interviews with other jewel fiends. You can find my blog here.

I live in Hertfordshire with my two children, two cats and partner. You will often find me in London's Portobello market, a particular favorite of mine to hunt out vintage jewels . If you would like to keep up to date with my life, treasure hunts and new vintage stock follow me on Instagram @charliesvintagecharms and subscribe to my newsletter .

       Danielle x

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