The Best Vintage In Nottingham

September 6, 2017

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Nottingham and found the most amazing Vintage & Antiques store ; Hopkinsons Vintage and Antiques . I was like a kid in a candy store visiting this little gem- I had already decided to use the time on my trip to try and hunt out some vintage jewels for my lovely customers and so this shop was a must see! ( Also I am a huge vintage lover and there was no way I was leaving Nottingham without visiting )


It spreads over 4 fabulous floors and is absolutely packed to the brim with a vast variety of vintage and antiques . There are cabinets bursting with jewels, fun kitsch kitchenalia featuring some amazing atomic era pieces , fabulous art, and a basement full of unusual oddities and assortments including( but not limited to!) a box of vintage seashells, a selection of old photographs and the most unusual up-cycled table lamps . There is also a tub of dolls heads if that is up your street-think 50s kitsch kewpie dolls with a bit of creepy weirdness.


I had a good root through the whole shop including the costume jewellery, but eventually came back to the cabinets located at the shops front entrance . In the cabinets is the best of the best the shop has to offer in regards to fine and antique jewellery , the cabinets each represent a different seller too so not all the same types of jewels are located in one cabinet which I really liked. A proper treasure hunt ! Because the cabinets are so packed it can be hard to see exactly what is in there - to avoid missing anything I really recommend taking the time to slow peruse the shelves here and don't be shy asking the girls to open up the cabinets , even if like me it seemed I was requesting another open cabinet every 5 minutes . They really do not mind, and are incredibly accommodating . 

If you follow our Instagram you will recognise the pic below - the findings of the day ! I bought that vintage charm bracelet and the tiny sterling silver pistol. The pistol is for sale in the shop and looks stunning paired with the little vintage sterling silver acorn we have for sale , but im not sure yet what I plan to do with the bracelet. Its not sterling silver, but there are some interesting little pieces on there so I might create some sweet little cluster necklaces for sale - What do you guys think ? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments .


I have added a few more snaps below for an idea of how packed this unusual little shop was. Vintage lovers would really enjoy a trip here, and there are some great vintage charms to find too.

Thanks for reading, to visit the shop and purchase some of our charm finds click here .

To visit Hopkinson's website click here .














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