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November 16, 2018

Hands up if your a fob addict because I am officially addicted . I cannot stop buying fobs, they are my absolute favourite go to piece at the moment and so easy to wear with everything . Through the summer I stuck with a single Victorian key fob on a thin Figaro chain, but since the colder weather has drawn in and it became autumn (yay!) I have been on the hunt for chunkier, larger, seal stamp fobs with rich colored jewels on the base . These weighty pieces feel like autumn armor to me and must (of course) be paired with a looping muff chain or a thick chunky Albert chain. I have yet to pick up any silver fobs, I think that I am naturally being drawn towards the lush glow of old gold and brass hues which make me think of autumn leaves and warm cups of tea by a campfire.


 " Here I have put the larger antique seal fob on a short chunky Victorian belcher and paired one of my bigger key fobs with a long French 19th century antique guard chain. The trick with these longer chains is to loop it around a  few times and stack with other jewels for a layered neck party with different textures and shades of gold."

Since I am addicted and everything I thought you might like to see all of the fobs I have in stock at the moment on the website, and how I like to style them. They really are so versatile and seem to pair so well with all necklines . Some of my fave necklines to wear with fobs is the one in the photo above, a nice high collar to really accentuate the jewels and show off the neck layers.


 "These lovely larger chunky fobs make perfect weighty pendants worn singularly or paired with other jewels and charms. The largest 9k gold encased Victorian beauty on the far right is my favourite fob at the moment and I wear it on a shorter chunkier chain."


For the larger jewels I like to let them stand out alone with a shorter fatter chain, or sling them onto a long guard chain with a few other little sparklers. I am a naturally anxious and fidgety person, and having a long chain with a few smooth weighty bits and pieces on to fiddle with works so well for this .



Sometimes I want a daintier look, or something easier to throw on for day to day - I have to often bare this in mind with my toddler around. The smaller daintier keys make great little pendants on fine chains around 16”-18” in length, and are less likely to get caught on clothes . Do not get me wrong, I love a long looping chain but its quite a look and not something I'm up for wearing every single day. On the days I want ease but still a bit of old gold glamour, I tend to sport something a bit like this ; 


 "What I have started to do is make a little collection of my fave keys and the ones that complement each other best , to wear all together on the same chain ."

I'm still stacking layers but keeping them a similar length here,  wearing a single key alone also works just aswell and looks suitably dainty especially alongside a neckline that shows them off . 



" I have curated a modest selection of antique fob seals and pocket watch winder keys for you to peruse. They vary in size, style and shape and I thoroughly enjoy collecting these beautiful pieces for you to adorn yourself with ."

To liven up a charm necklace and add in some different textures, fobs are literally what you are looking for here . Because so many of them have these fantastic bright jewels on the base or encased into the key handles, they really add a lovely splash of color against a sea of gold or silver . Sometimes when there is so much of the same gold hue, I like to break it up by throwing in a big juicy jewel to play . The little brass key fobs I have in stock at the moment and seem to work so beautifully with silver charms and chains also, breaking up and adding in an unusual layer to your necklace .


"I have paired a rare antique art nouveau toadstool enamel charm alongside a sweet Victorian brass pocket watch winder key. The silver tones of the chain and charm complement the brassy tones of the key, which also match beautifully to the brown enamel paint on the toadstool."


With so many styles, types and sizes of fob to be found you can create different looks using just the one or two, pairing with other pieces of antique jewellery from your collection. They are the perfect partners with charms for layering, or even a locket like how I have styled in these photos. My advice is have make sure you have the right chains to complement your fobs; The larger seal fobs require a stronger chunkier chain, pair it with a fine chain and you may see that chain break and your fob be lost . Smaller pocket watch winders however can work beautifully with these lighter chains, and depending on their size, will see their detail lost on a longer chunkier chain . Have fun making a neck party with your fobs, I’ll be covering a bit of fob history next week and some of my top places I find my fobs ( Sorry this will be in the UK for specific destinations but I am sure you can find similar places wherever you are on our planet ).

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed !

Danielle x



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