How To Style The Brooch

October 26, 2018


I’m not about to pretend that I am an expert here- lets be honest, I am still learning while having fun styling my jewels just like you . Which is why I've collaborated with some of my fave stylish gals on Instagram to put together some tips and ideas from us all on how we style the brooch . To kick it off I had a chat with Jade from etoile_a_etoile and she shared some gorgeous snaps of how she styles her brooches which has already given me a ton of inspo and envy ;

“First, I love to style brooches as pendants with a watch chain and adding one or two other layers to add to the look.” 

By layering the brooches with chunky chains and other necklaces, you can create a fabulous necklace that is interchangeable day to day with other pendants and brooches as seen on etoile_a_etoile.

“ I also have dresses that sometimes are a little bit too big for me, or don't have the shape that I would prefer, so I use one or two brooches which help style the dress as I want !”

The brooch seems to be a forgotten treasure often left in the past along with other vintage accessories . I lust after brooches, some of the most beautiful designs and creative pieces I see as a collector and self confessed jewellery hunter (read: addict) are imagined in the form of the brooch . As a teen I collected costume brooches like a magpie, and pinned them into my hair, on my dress, bag etc. you name it if there was a space free you better believe I filled it with a brooch .

I was reminded of this when speaking to Anastasia of about the fab ways she styles her brooches;

“I am a necklace addict so, anything I can adapt to a charm is a must for me. Easily done with brooches and pins. I love layering them on chains - either attached with dog clasps and/or spring rings or threaded through. "

You can see here her beautiful seed pearl brooch with the lover's eye is hanging from a gorgeous antique chain by the dog clasps, a perfect solution to getting more wear from your brooches.

Anastasia also has a genius way of embellishing her berets which I love, and will be copying her style come winter when I hunt out the perfect beret to adorn with a vintage brooch;


 "I also wear a lot of hats and love attaching brooches to them. Like this Victorian star on my favourite beret ."

One of my first pieces of vintage jewellery was a jewel encrusted silver toned bug from a local charity shop- I just loved these little gems and still have a couple in my collection . Its a real shame that brooches arent used more because they are so beautifully created, and lend a real unique authentically vintage feel to an outfit. My thoughts are, many people admire brooches but lack the confidence to wear them, or the know how of what exactly to wear them with . 

When I  wear a brooch, I like to cluster a few together or decorate a neckline . I still haven't mastered the art of wearing a single brooch on its own to the one side, but I am working up to it .


"There are so many versatile ways to wear the brooch; here I have a brooch hung from the safety bail on an antique Victorian solid gold belcher chain, and a pretty cluster of Georgian and Victorian mourning brooches just to the side of my neck mess."

There is something glamorous about a brooch, and often they have the best jewels on them. One of my best antique brooches I have found is the piece currently all over my Instagram, that Citrine dream mounted in a rose gold frame . What an utter delight that jewel is . If you search for brooches that also come equipped with a safety chain, there is the option to thread a chain through the jump ring that is located usually at the top and wear that brooch as a statement pendant. (as seen above on me )

I spoke to Rebecca from the Petitecoeur Jewellery Box and she had some wonderful advice and tricks to share ;

“ I absolutely love shirts and blouses and they provide such great canvases for styling brooches .If its a symmetrical brooch I love to wear my top button done up and wear it in the centre like a little bow tie ! And if its unsymmetrical or I fancy a change I have it undone and wear it facing in the same direction as the buttons to one side.High necklines in general I often style with a brooch .


Rebecca from @petitecoeurjewellerybox has some of the best style going when it comes to the brooch. Her little brooch bowtie is so darling and a great way to wear those tiny antique mourning brooches.

“You should also decide what you like! Brooches are not as easy to wear as a ring or pendant, so to get started i’ve stuck to what I know I feel confident styling . This is mostly symmetrical designs with a bit of shape, although I do have one bar brooch .”



“If your unsure there are so many fabulous vintage deco pieces and mid 20th century paste and silver pieces you can try out to see what you like before investing in a bigger piece “

With the changing season as we roll on into autumn now is the perfect time to get experimenting with a brooch . Think of teddy coats and lapels adorned with clusters of beautiful antique jewels, pin a sweet brooch to your scarf or fill the collar of a white crisp shirt with some vintage brooches to peak out over the top of a jumper. A statement collar is always a thing around this sort of time (and even if its not who even cares), and instead of hunting high and low for the perfect embellished shirt why not use antique brooches to fulfill the purpose? After speaking to these chic ladies I will 100% be pinning a sparkling brooch to a beret come winter .

A final tip which I think we can all appreciate and relate to is from Rebecca again ;

“ Know how much time you have getting ready! Nothing worse than when its almost time to leave and your struggling with a pin… When the pressure is on its even tougher. A tip I do is pin brooches to outfits before, or I even leave them on jackets i’m not going to wash every time for a while .”

In some ways the brooch is a daunting piece to wear but one of the most versatile pieces for your jewellery box as seen from the ladies here. You have so many options and ways to wear this brooch from necklaces through to collars, or worn stand alone for a statement vibe .So have fun styling and playing with your jewels. This is where you will find creativity and really make that piece your own.

I have linked all of the lovely ladies Instagram accounts from their names mentioned above and their photos so do make sure you go and give them a follow to keep up to date with how they style their jewels. I will also link below to their shops so you can browse antique pieces from the best of the best. .

Thanks for reading guys!

Danielle x
Links to my gals antique jewellery shops:

Jade from Etoile_a_Etoile  is on Etsy with a stunning selection of antique jewels for you to peruse :

Etoile's Jewelry Box 

Rebecca from @petitecoeurjewellerybox is currently situated in the v glam city of paris and has a beautiful Etsy shop :

The Petite Coeur Jewellery Box 

Anastasia of has a website filled with ornaments for magical souls :

Black Umbrella Jewelry


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