Monthly Mood Board : Jewels

October 18, 2018

I don't know about you guys but Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration for me from how I style my jewellery through to what colours and images inspire me the most . I often find that I can't quite articulate an idea that's sitting inside my head, my drawing skills leave a lot to be desired too, and so creating a mood board on Pinterest helps me focus on what it is I am trying to achieve . Lately I have been really lusting after big, juicy, colorful candied jewels, anything French (oui!) and the Heavenly bodies book filled with the jewel encrusted skeletons which if you read my last article and follow me on Instagram, you might be getting those vibes from me already.

I have multiple secret mood boards on pinterest that have been for my eyes only, which have helped me figure out how a collection of jewels is going to look, what themes I am drawing from or even stuff as mundane and very ‘mum life’ as a ‘kids Halloween party’ board. But I think i'm going to start making those boards public . No not the kids Halloween party one . That doesn't exactly tie in with my Jewelry vibe so i'll leave that one out, rest assured it's filled with tacky decoration ideas, spooky food photos and other fun Halloween themed photos’ . But back to the Jewels !


I actually love the end result of my mood boards, it just sums up exactly what I envisioned when choosing the antique jewels and finding vintage charms to fit my theme. So I thought you might like a peak into what i'm thinking of when i'm scouring the antique markets and picking rings and necklaces . There is something satisfying about finding the exact piece I am after or at least something similar, and replacing out an image I saved on pinterest with one I have taken myself .

The mood boards will be named and at the moment I have two that you can feel free to browse through for inspiration or just a quick nose!

If you would like to take a look you can view my pinterest here.

Thanks for reading !

All the images used in the photo are available here :

Jewel toned bracelet and necklace

Religious image of Saint Jean

Gold engraved signet ring by Annina Vogel 

Selection of vintage jewel cocktail rings 

Chocolate box french packaging 

Danielle x

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