6 Reasons Why I Love Vintage


1. Unique pieces nobody else has. When your wearing vintage it's highly likely you will be the only person in the room wearing that particular piece. Now I know this isn't essential for everybody but it can be quite refreshing to be wearing something nobody else has. You like my necklace ? Thanks so much ! No sorry, you won't find this particular piece in store unfortunately , its vintage .

2. Your wearing a piece of history . My god I can't tell you how many times I've thought about who wore a little 1940s dress before me or whose arm did this particular little charm used to hang off ? It isn't for everybody, and some don't relish the idea of wearing somebody's old jewellery. But if you get it , you get it . And it's awesome .

3.Your recycling so saving the planet . There's no doubt that more than ever we should be doing our bit to try and help out the planet . By choosing vintage, we are recycling and re wearing rather than making new products to add to the billions of products already available. There are so many gorgeous pieces of vintage jewellery that are perfectly wearable in today's fashion or can be reworked with a few very simple adjustments . I love seeing vintage hat pins turned into pendants or rings, and charms clipped from chunky bracelets can become necklaces by just adding a new jump rings and a chain .

4.You can save yourself some £££. Yes and no . Sometimes you can grab a great bargain with vintage and you are paying considerably less for something than what a brand new equivalent would cost you today. A lot of the costume jewellery in the shops can be bought much cheaper and more authentically from a vintage seller- it's not just 60s imitation you can wear genuine 60s style! The same goes for things like Thomas sabo charms and Alex Monroe . Cute yes, but for people that actively collect vintage charms and jewellery we have all seen those designs before, and for a much lower price as vintage .Be aware though that a lot of vintage is highly collectible

  and can be quite rare . This drives the price up of those pieces and so in these areas you might end up paying more, don't worry though if this is the case because...

5. Vintage is known for its superior quality. It's pretty amazing how well vintage holds up over the years. Before fast fashion things were made with a better quality longer lasting ideal in mind . These pieces were built to last and often made by excellent craftsmen. When you are finished with it or pass it on, you know a lot of these pieces can be used again and again by somebody else. Which is a lot more than can be said for some of the jewellery being made today unfortunately . That's not to say all modern jewellery is pants because that's not true at all, and you can find some fab independent jewellers out there that are still making the loveliest things! It is true that pieces over a 100 years old are still standing the test of time which is where the excellent quality of things from the past gets its recognition .

6.  The treasure hunt . Vintage collectors and vintage addicts alike love a good thrift shop, we love an antiques market, a car-boot and any sort of jumble sale with the potential to uncover some hidden gems. There is a real thrill in finding an excellent piece of vintage and i just love it . Browsing car-boot sales and finding vintage charms and old love tokens is wonderful . Equally Junk shops are a great place for a good dig through to find some vintage pieces .

Thanks for stopping by-I would love to hear your thoughts on why you love vintage .



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