Max Neiger and Egyptian Revival jewellery





 I recently acquired the most beautiful antique art deco charms made of Czech pressed glass. Whenever I find something and I don't know all that much about, it I go on a hunt to find as much as I can and it just the best . These vintage charms are reminiscent of the ancient Egypt period, a real fascination and popular movement of the 1920s when the King tut archaeological finds were exhibited for the people of New York.  This inspired and influenced a whole range of Egyptian revival jewelry with the name Max Neiger popping up whenever you try to search for anything about vintage or antique art deco pressed glass Egyptian revival .

There are some absolutely stunning art deco pieces out there . Whole necklaces of glass Czech beads molded into scarabs and pharaohs - just amazing ! From what I have seen in my research the pieces I've acquired look like they were originally part of these glass flapper necklaces made by Neiger bros. Incredibly inventive the beads of these Egyptian revival necklaces depict scarabs, tombs, pharaohs, mummies and other Egyptian related scenes. The necklaces come in a range of lush jeweled colours in style for the time from cornflower blues to vivid greens and reds. I'll be keeping my eye out for a necklace like this to add to my personal collection, I love the thought of wearing something that a flapper girl might have taken out for a dance on the town or perhaps worn out to sit drinking a prohibited cocktail in a hidden bar somewhere in New York .

If your interested in purchasing these charms they are all under £40.00 each and can be found here . I hope you enjoyed this mini trip back in time !

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