Vintage And Me Go Way Back


I started my interest in vintage as a teenager and i just looooved vintage clothes! I liked visiting thrift stores, charity shops, vintage shops, bidding on ebay etc. to find original one off pieces of well made vintage clothing . I love vintage for a few reasons and a big part of it is owning a little piece of history, no surprise here then that I also loved history at school . So from clothes i moved onto furniture and that is where I really found a passion for vintage . My house is full of vintage pieces I've picked up over the years, most of which I've up-cycled but some pieces have been left pretty much as is and restored . I have been collecting vintage here and there, sometimes selling on and other times keeping for myself. I’ve enjoyed collecting sparkly vintage costume brooches over the years as well which then led onto hunting down vintage charms . I still buy vintage furniture from time to time, but I mainly seek out vintage and antique jewellery - there are just so many different styles and types through all the eras you kind of get lost down a rabbit hole . Whenever i think i've seen them all, I always stumble across an unusual vintage charm i've never seen before, which once I go looking for more of its type, its like opening a door into a room filled with unseen curiosities and new sparkly jewels to lust after.

I have recently started collecting brooches again, which if you follow me on Instagram you will notice a few have been popping up in my posts. I'm trying to focus mainly on sterling silver and gold exclusively with my collection, but there is always room for a really special or rare piece of non precious metal jewellery like the stunning Alva museum brooch (above) I recently collected depicting the goddess of the moon .

To keep up to date with all my posts and new additions follow my Instagram @charliesvintagecharms where I share new posts in my Instagram stories and share all the vintage goodies I've found . I would love to hear your thoughts on how you started collecting vintage !

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