Curious Charms?

October 16, 2017

I have been super busy on a new project for the website and it has been so exciting! I cant wait to share it with you all next week . I wanted to make sure Charlies Vintage Charms can offer something to everybody all of the time, whether your a vintage girl like me or somebody that really appreciates the shinyness of new silver . I have found since starting the website a few years ago, charm collecting and selling etc. that there are a few charms that are loved by all and that not everybody wants the look of aged silver or a built up patina. I really want everybody to be able to enjoy these charms and have a bit of unusual jewellery in their lives, so I was delighted to get in touch with a fantastic wholesaler that was willing to help me achieve this . 

Okay so whats the project?

Based off the original designs and molds from the 60s and 70s, I have spent the last few weeks carefully choosing a select few vintage style charms to stock in the run up to Christmas and possibly into spring . For now, I will be stocking 5-6 designs, each of which will be limited so I can get a feel for which charms are a hit and which charms to swap for something else. I will only be stocking a few of each so if you see one you love - eek! move quickly because availability will be small for now . Im hoping to be able to regularly work with my wholesale contact and try a different range of charm designs each season - sort of like a mini vintage style jewellery range . 

Its really essential to me that this little range is kept separate from my vintage charms as well, which is why it will be found under a new section of the charms shop ; 'Curious Charms' . Hopefully this will make things clear and easy to see when shopping- any charms listed in the Vintage Silver / Vintage Gold Collection or Complete Vintage Collection will always be true genuine vintage, found and treasure hunted by me and verified by jewelers ( The perks to having family in the jewellery trade !) .


This mini range is just that, a mini spin off inspired by the original little works of art we all love to collect and provides an accessible option for those not quite so accustomed to wearing vintage jewellery, or a chance to own one of the rarer designs that are so hard to find and sought after.

What are your thoughts on this ? I am really looking forwards to showing off this Curious Charms range and excited for your feedback on them . Thanks for reading!


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