Vintage Charms For Modern Bracelets

August 31, 2017

When I think of a vintage charm bracelet I am used to picturing a big, heavy piece of jewellery that rattles on the wrist and would probably sink you if you tried to swim with it on - As many as up to 30-40 charms soldered on at any one time, usually heavily tarnished with age , and absolutely brimming with delightful little goodies waiting to be opened and discovered. (click here if you need a quick visual)

I often discover my favourite and rarest charms on vintage charm bracelets, and have always admired but been quite unsure how exactly to translate those little gems into something wearable to be enjoyed today.

It all started with a Thomas Sabo charm carrier bracelet . As lovely as the Thomas Sabo charms are, I have always been a vintage girl at heart and I believe that things really were better made back then. Some of the ideas that the renowned charm makers such as Nuvo, Thomas L Mott and Chim came up with are just truly, amazing . You only have to glance at the modern offerings of today to see that those vintage designs have been translated and tweaked into the 21st Century e.g. If you've ever had a nosy at some of the lovely Alex Monroe designs, its quite easy to see where the inspiration is drawn from . The thing is , nothing is ever quite as good as the original is it ? Considering these vintage charms are still standing the test of time today really speaks for itself . Also I find a lot of the quirky detail is lost in that translation, which perhaps suits some people . But its not for me .

So Vintage charms for the modern bracelet, or modern wearer . This might be vintage charm blasphemy but considering the rate we are depleting the worlds resources, I am 100% all for cutting those dusty vintage beauties off that crowded bracelet and allowing them to shine as the stand out precious jewels they deserve to be recognised as. Some of these charms are 50+ years old , how incredible to be wearing a piece of history around your neck or on your wrist that its very unlikely anybody else will now have . I am also a big fan of mixing and matching new and old, silver and gold etc. 

So how can we make it easier to reuse and wear these charms? I am currently trialling attaching the vintage charms with sterling silver split rings, something I briefly touched on and considered a few months back but I will be doing a separate post about that . So far its been 6 months and the sterling silver split rings are all holding strong-This is something I will be very soon offering in my shop, An even easier way to add vintage charms to your existing bracelets without the hassle of soldering at a jewellers, which has always been the case (perhaps, the biggest limitation) where vintage charms are concerned.

And so, vintage gold and silver charms need not be left in the past from where they first emerged- Hang them on your dainty bracelets, necklace chains and enjoy a little slice of the past.

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