Charming treasure hunts

January 7, 2017

Over the December month I have had the pleasure of encountering some really fab and unusual vintage charms! If you follow our Instagram you will see what I mean, and the vast vintage charm diversity that is out there. My favourite vintage charms are still the Vintage English charms that are usually made by Nuvo, Chim and other 'charm artists' that traded in similar styles and themes, because they are so complex and wonderful with all their many opening and mechanical facets. (I plan to do an article on this at a later date )

A recent random find in a junk shop in Lincoln has drawn me towards the beautiful vintage Love Token and disc charms. I found a perfectly small and flat sterling silver disc, that reminded me of the 1950s/60s love tokens often seen in america . Usually you can engrave these discs and a space is left for a name or date, which is a lovely way to mark a birthday, new baby , engagement etc. which is what I believe they are generally for . 

I have started to stock just a few particularly rare and gorgeous vintage disc charms to get a feel for what people like and because I had to share these amazing treasures with you all . I was struck by what fab gifts these would make for occasions such as valentines day, and also the stark difference between the novelty articulated charms I favour.

To be honest (as I often find with the vintage charms I collect), I love to hang them alone on a single fine sterling silver chain . The disc charms look pretty amazing like this which was one of those nice surprise moments where you try something out and it works beautifully .

I would love to hear your thoughts on these charms and how you like to wear your own vintage charms ; are you a bracelet fan or a necklace girl like me ?


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