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Sarah's lovely embroidery artwork caught my eye immediately when I was browsing through various botanical hashtags to see how other creatives are implementing plants and nature in their work . Her embroidery has a very distinct style and this is evident throughout her Instagram which is sprinkled through with the most gorgeous images of plants and nature on her bags, hoops and cards. Sarah is a textile artist specializing in freehand machine embroidery based in East Sussex , where she runs workshops and creates her fantastic eye catching artwork. 

I always find myself in love with the changing seasons and with spring firmly on its way ( I absolutely will not hear otherwise) I wanted to get to know some other people that may feel similar. Im kicking this mini feature series off by chatting to Sarah so I hope you enjoy reading .

'Sarah's lovely embroidery caught my eye immediately..'

Hi Sarah, thank you very much for agreeing to talk to me about your work and joining in with this feature. I was really struck by your beautiful wall hangings, could you tell me a bit about yourself and your shop?

Thank you so much for inviting me to take part in your botanical feature - perfectly timed for the arrival of spring!

I grew up on a dairy farm in the Weald of East Sussex and spent most of my time outdoors; riding my horse, building dens, foraging for mushrooms and walking around the garden with my grandmother who was a keen gardener. She’d always point things out to me; the new growth of plants, their names and the story behind each one so I soon became fascinated with my natural environment and it became a natural instinct to draw and feel inspired by them. At school I learnt how to sew freehand and this became a technique that I began to use both in my art and textiles, which I then studied at Winchester School of Art

The embroidery on your artwork is so lovely and I really like the way nature is splashed throughout your feed . Can you talk to me about what inspired you to feature plants and animals in your art ?

The natural environment remains the inspiration behind my designs, whether it’s a notecard, or one of my zipped pouches but I also make designs that are special to and have been requested by my customers, and these are often added to my collection.

"It became a natural instinct to draw and feel inspired by them"

Have you always been inspired by nature and does it still inspire you ?

I shall always continue to be inspired by my natural environment and as my studio is located a stones throw from our family farm, many of the flowers that I grew up feeling inspired by are still growing today!

The cards you make are so special, do you use specific plants with meaning ? I was looking at the primrose card and thinking how gorgeously made it is . Can you recommend a card / wall hanging people can purchase from you that would be perfect for entering spring with ?

The flower that probably holds most significance to many at this time of year would have to be the snowdrop; bringing new life in the depths of winter and a promise of spring but also proving that small is powerful! I am always making snowdrop cards and artwork for customers throughout January and love sewing these tiny flowers! 

The snowdrop ; bringing new life in the depths of winter and a promise of spring

What is your favourite plant/ flower /herb /scent or fable surrounding the botanicals world ?

The flower that is special to me is the Cuckooflower, or as I’ve always know it, Milkmaids. I have some lovely memories of picking armfuls of these on my walks when I was younger, and carrying them up the lane with my dad, behind the cows, on their way to be milked. I am excited to have just launched a new collection of floral notecards of which this is one of the new designs.

And lastly where can people find you and your shop ?

I have an online store; where you can find all my products and a contact page for discussing commissions. I also design wedding stationery and am working on two separate commissions at the moment for summer weddings, one of which is floral based. I have many greetings cards for all occasions, floral hoop artwork, makeup bags and pouches and a new collection of printed silk scarves - taken from my original paintings and sketches! You can also find me on Instagram @sarahbecvardesign where you can keep up to date with new designs, and work in process.

I have also recently started running some workshops where I teach this wonderful technique which are great fun and really enjoyable!


One of Sarah's gorgeous printed silk scarves ' Wild Flower & Ash'

Thank you so much for chatting with me Sarah and joining in with my feature it has been wonderful to talk to you about everything nature . Please check out Sarah's Instagram and website, both of which are linked throughout but to make it easy I have linked them again here :


Thanks for reading guys !

Danielle x

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