Inspired by the Victorian’s love and use of floriography alongside the gorgeous scenes of the English countryside, these spellbinding lockets have been filled with items full of symbology and botanical folklore.

This gorgeous antique rolled gold locket has been found and lovingly restored to encase a sweet duo of pressed forget me nots and violets. . It is easily opened at the top by unscrewing the bail If you wish to swap the forget me nots and violets for for a photo or a pressed memento of your own.

The forget me nots and violets were found and hand picked by myself in Hertfordshire on a nature walk with my son.


Forget me nots : Forget me nots represent remembrance, reminders of memories, affection and love.

Violets : Violets symbolise love, modesty, affection , intuition and dignity . 

Botanical Folklore : 

Forget me nots :The name of the forget me not is from the Greek word Myositis which means 'mouse's ear', and the common name forget me mot stems from the German vergissmichnicht . The flower shows up frequently in Victorian mourning jewellery, memento jewellery and Art Nouveau enamel charms particularly ones produced in Germany and Austria. There is a tale that A knight was walking alongside a moving river with his beau, when the girl glanced to the floor and saw the small distinctive flowers of the Forget me nots. The knight saw how his love looked at the flowers and bent down to pick a stem to produce to her as a gift . Upon bending, the knight picked the flower and lost his balance falling into the rushing water of the river . As he sank to the depths he held out the blue flowers to his beau and shouted do not forget me , and then sank without a trace .

Violets : The meanings of violets change depending on their colour; The blue hued violets symbolises love, and would be given to friends and family to show affection and admiration. Dreaming of violets is a sign of good things to come, and violets are said to invoke higher spirituality when used in meditation.

Era: Edwardian

Condition: fair antique condition, wear to rolled gold overall with parts of base metal showing through next to glints of gold. This overall adds to the charm of wearing and owning an authentic piece of antique jewellery. The panes in the locket are secure but do move slightly when fiddled with.

Sizing: approx  3.2cm diameter and  4.2cm from bottom of locket to top of bale

A 16" or 18" gold plated chain is included with this item. This is so your pendant is instantly wearable ; I do advise swapping to a longer lasting and better quality chain when you can, preferably a pretty vintage chain to compliment your jewel which can be found in my chain section here .Please specify in the comment box which length you would prefer. For reference : In all of the photos the model is wearing a 16" chain .

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An Antique Edwardian Locket Of Forget Me Nots And Violets


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