Inspired by the Victorian’s love and use of floriography alongside the gorgeous scenes of the English countryside, these spellbinding lockets have been filled with items full of symbology and botanical folklore.

This gorgeous antique locket has been found and lovingly restored to encase a sweet pressed English Ivy leaf. It is easily opened at the top by unscrewing the bail If you wish to swap the Ivy leaf for a photo or a pressed memento of your own.

The Ivy leaf was found and hand picked by myself in Hertfordshire on a nature walk with my son.

Floriography:  Ivy shows up quite frequently in Victorian Jewellery and is recognised for its strong symbolism in the manner it grows, and binds together other plants . The vine of the Ivy represents a strong bond which can be interpreted as fidelty, a strong bond of friendship or lovers. The plants is a hardy perrenial and can be difficult to remove, another nod to the strength of the bond that Ivy represents .

Botanical Folklore : Ivy was carried by women against the heart as part of protection spells and for good luck . It guards against negativity and is a powerful symbolic winter plant that was brought into the house to keep evil spirits at bay .

Newly married couples would also recieve Wreaths of Ivy on their wedding day to symbolise the fidelity and strength of the bond of their union . In ancient Rome Ivy wreaths were used to signifiy intellectual achievment .

Era: Edwardian 

Condition: Good antique condition, minimal to no wear to the gold plate . This overall adds to the charm of wearing and owning an authentic piece of antique jewellery. The panes in the locket are secure, the glass can be spun if applying force but otherwise well set within the bevelled edge. 

Sizing: approx 3.8 cm diameter and 4 cm from bottom of locket to top of bale .

A 16" or 18" gold plated chain is included with this item. This is so your pendant is instantly wearable ; I do advise swapping to a longer lasting and better quality chain when you can, preferably a pretty vintage chain to compliment your jewel which can be found in my chain section here .Please specify in the comment box which length you would prefer. For reference : In all of the photos the model is wearing a 16" chain .

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A Large Antique Edwardian Gold Plated Locket Of Ivy


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