Found and treasured, this alluring piece is stand out with it's beautifully painted enamel background. St Christopher is highlighted in gold against the medal with the typival scene displayed behind him . A really wonderful jewel that is essential for anybody who travels regularly ; St Christopher is the patron saint of travel , and he is often worn as a medallion or amulet . 

Era : The piece has full british hallmarks on the reverse which are unfortunatley worn down . There is a faint 9.375 which tells us the piece is 9ct gold, and hallamarked prior to 1975 . There is the maker's mark present W.J.S , which could be W. J. Sutton . placing the piece between 1930s-1970.

Sizing : approx 1.7cm dimeter , approx 2.75 g

An Alluring Gold Vintage Enamel St Christopher Medal

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