A spellbinding piece of antique jewellery, green hearts are something I often seek out Im not really sure why - I think its one of those things that I am just drawn to . This moss agate piece is no exception , I love to hunt out pieces that are similar to my treasured malachite heart ( if you aren't sure what I'm rambling out please see here ) and when I spotted this green heart I had to collect it up immediately . Its a smooth polished heart of moss agate , the heart is desireable with the swirls of what looks like moss tendrils and blooms throughout the agate . Agate with translucent patches are always well sought after because of the 'mossy' appearance inside where the patches of green swirl throughout . This is a gorgeous piece is wonderful antique condition .

Era: antique late victorian early edwardian

Sizing: 2.2cm width , approx 3cm height , depth of 0.5cm , weight approx 8.23 g

Condition : Excellent antique condition , the bale is base metal so I have attached a gold filled jump ring to the top . A gold filled chain is included with the piece .

A Bewitching Green Moss Agate Heart


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