Inspired by the Victorian’s love and use of floriography alongside the gorgeous scenes of the English countryside, these spellbinding lockets have been filled with items full of symbology and botanical folklore.

This gorgeous antique gold plated locket has been found and lovingly restored to encase some fragments and slices of magical moonstone. The locket is larger in size with a subtle domed middle and is opened at the bottom by laying flat and gently prising the halves apart, as the locket is hinged to allow easy access if you wish to swap the Moonstone for a photo or a pressed memento of your own.

The Moonstone was found, purchased a year ago and is from my personal collection. 

Floriography: Moonstone is an expression of feminine energy, it symbolises protection, healing energy and balance .

Botanical Folklore : Moonstone is tied to the divine feminine energy of mother moon, and the inner goddess. It has been used in cultures across the globe for its use as a healing and protective crystal, while also bringing peace and banishing negative energies. It has been used since very early times for its connection to the magical moon and the moon tied to the waves, symbolising the ebb and flow of life . 

It is a traveller's stone and has been used as an amulet for indivuals frequently making journeys by night or on the water.  It is also appreciated for its glittering hues of blue when catching the light, mimicking the magic of the silvery grey moon .

Era: Edwardian

Condition: Excellent antique condition, some very minor wear to the gold plate of the frame, a few small marks on the glass . This overall adds to the charm of wearing and owning an authentic piece of antique jewellery. The panes in the locket are secure . The locket is easily opened at bottom .

Sizing: Large in size, approx 4.6cm in diameter , 5.5cm from top of bale to bottom .

A 16" or 18" gold plated chain is included with this item. This is so your pendant is instantly wearable ; I do advise swapping to a longer lasting and better quality chain when you can, preferably a pretty vintage chain to compliment your jewel which can be found in my chain section here .Please specify in the comment box which length you would prefer. For reference : In all of the photos the model is wearing a 16" chain .

I have also included the option of a piece of recycled ivory silk to wear your locket from instead of a chain if you wish. Please specify 'silk' in the comment box if you would prefer this option aswell as a chain .

This item qualifies for layayway, for full terms and conditions of my layaway plan please see here, to create a layaway plan for this piece of a few pieces that have caught your eye please contact me here or using the email address

An Antique Large Moonstone Filled Locket


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