The Magic Of The Botanical Lockets

At the end of 2018 I I had created a few of these botanical lockets from some broken antique mourning and keepsake pendants, to test the water and figure out what I wanted to do with them . I was still in the process of re-branding and so wasn't 100% sure on the direction I was taking my jewel collection and how exactly I was going to do it . I love clear lockets with suspended pressed dried flowers and other keepsakes stored inside, and I had a feeling you guys would like them too . I have found antique lockets over the years with botanical dried pieces inside already created and ready to go. These pieces are beautiful but thin on the ground and so so hard to find . I wanted to reuse the discarded often overlooked lockets that quite often have damaged or cracked glass, bent metal etc. and see if I could clean them up and give them a new lease of life - something im trying to apply into all areas of my life lately .

The idea to create these botanical lockets came to me when I was out on a nature walk with my son, hunting for pretty flowers and plants that we could dry and press into the glass panes of some gold vintage style frames we had picked up over the weekend . I saw the way the Yarrow fanned out and pressed so beautifully when suspended between two panes of glass and the idea just hit me . From there, after successfully drying and pressing the plants into those frames, I tried it out on the two lockets I had picked up at an antiques market a few months prior . They were just sitting there, I had received minimal interest in them and they were still complete with their Victorian photographs . I'll admit I hesitated about removing the photos, I always do when messing around with vintage and antiques because I love the preserved history and im quite reluctant to do anything that will interfere with that . On the other hand, im firmly in the camp of reuse and recycle and so if removing photographs and adding in some plants preserved by myself means the lockets get a new owner then i'm all for it .


Briefly I toyed with the idea of having lockets made brand new in a vintage style specifically to add dried pressed flowers too but this just seemed silly to me . The whole reason why I love vintage so much is because I feel I can enjoy my job and the lovely pieces that come with it without feeling like im contributing to the shit show that our planet is experiencing right now .

I want these lockets to be treasured,  They are beautiful and aged, preserved in time and the perfect frame to encase the plants that are hand picked, pressed and dried by myself here in England . There as so many enchanting tales surrounding the folklore of the botanical that I will be selecting for the lockets and so the cards I created on Canva will tie in beautifully  alongside these pieces .


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A brief bit about Floriography

I will be covering this in a separate post but I have been reading up on the gorgeous language of Floriography used by the Victorians to signify and symbolize their feelings towards each other and certain situations . The language of the flowers has been used for thousands years but it was particularly popular during the Victorian era . Flowers have always had symbolic ties in religion, myth and folklore which is what makes them such an interesting medium to work with when combined with Jewellery .I will be tying in Floriography, folklore and sweet information into these magical botanical lockets and the info cards I have designed will make this an easy way for this to be communicated to you with the different pieces you purchase . The pieces are true one of a kind beauties that have me super excited and enjoying the direction my job is taking me in . Anything witchy, magical and floral related mixed with antique jewellery is a complete win in my eyes .

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Danielle x

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